About Us

man-curt eure-wearing-grey-suit-with-tie-woman-wearing-gold-dress-both-holding-hands-smilinge on their faceMs. Annie S. Eure, National Director of the Miss Sparkle Success, Pageant & Teaching Academy has been recognized as a VIP member of Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, commitment and leadership for academic excellence in teaching, mentorship, education and overall SUCCESS.

Hi, this is Annie with husband Curt.  Mother of 5 girls, so I have always been inspired to work with girls and women in the area of personal image.  Twenty years ago, we were inspired by our daughter’s success in participating in a pageant to start a pageant of our very own and offer other young girls and women that same opportunity for leadership and success.

Since that time, we have continued to support and  organize pageant workshops and seminars  in our city and state.

The main focus for the pageant is to see girls and women bloom right before your very eyes into leadership and success that other girls and women may model.

Truly girls are facing many challenges in our society today. That is why I enjoy working with them through a dialogue that includes personal and group talk exercises.  My belief is that EVERY girl and young women will wins at her pageant event when she focus on her own abilities and not the abilities of others.

Miss Sparkle Success in unlike other Pageants in that we require EVERY girl who competes to attend a “Success Workshop” 30 days prior to the event.  This seminar will  focus on the the young girl’s inner beauty and success. These workshops help young ladies develop a positive attitude and discover their inner purpuse.

Girls must understand that they are not successful just by their looks alone, but along with a good personality, character and the image that other girls may model.